Project Updates


Journey to the Final Concept Plan

In November/December 2015, community members got an opportunity to take part in a conversation about the future of Shirley Strickland Reserve through an online survey and a community drop-in session. We received over 530 responses which were used to shape the Shirley Strickland Reserve concept sketch.

The Shirley Strickland Reserve concept sketch was available on Melville Talks for community comment and discussion. In total, 116 comments were received before the consultation period concluded on 12 June 2016.

Now, you can:

  • Read the full report from ‘A Balanced View Leisure Consultancy Services’ (ABV), the Agenda Item for Council along with all appendices by clicking on the Final Report tab below.
  • View the Final Shirley Strickland Reserve Concept Plan by clicking on the "Final Concept Plan" tab.
  • Discover what people had to say about the Shirley Strickland Concept Sketch by clicking on the "What you told us" tab below.
  • Explore the Frequently Asked Questions which were presented to the community during the consultation stage by clicking on the "FAQs" tab.
  • Watch a short video that was produced when the Shirley Strickland Concept Sketch was released for public comment.

Final Report

Project Update – December 2016

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday, 13 December 2016, the City of Melville Council:

  • Noted and supported the recommendations contained in the Shirley Strickland Reserve Concept Plan Report
  • Council approved the Shirley Strickland Reserve Concept Plan as the guiding document for all future development at Shirley Strickland Reserve
  • Council supports, in principle, the allocation of $6,264,000 in the City’s Long Term Financial Plan in the 2018-2019.

You can read the Council Minutes for further information.

Please find the full report from ‘A Balanced View Leisure Consultancy Services’ (ABV), the Ordinary Meeting of Council Minutes along with all appendices in the Document Library section of this page, or directly through the links below:

Shirley Strickland Reserve Concept Plan Report

Ordinary Meeting of Council Minutes for Shirley Strickland Reserve Concept Plan

Appendix 1: User Group Consultation Notes

Appendix 2: Concept Plans

Appendix 3: Shirley Strickland Reserve Sketch Feedback

Appendix 4: Construction Cost Estimate

Appendix 5: Life Cycle Costs

Final Concept Plan

Project Update – December 2016

The Final Concept Plan has been released (below) and has presented to Council and approved as the guiding document for all developments at Shirley Strickland Reserve.

Thank you for your continued interest in this project.

You can click on the image to view it full screen.

What you told us

Below, you can see all of the comments we received from you on Melville Talks as part of the Shirley Strickland Concept Sketch consultation phase.

Leave your comments and feedback about the concept sketch! (public comment period has concluded 12 June)

The sketch provides for a number of funded proposed improvements, including:

  • verge parking upgrade and improvements,
  • upgraded shared pavilion, including new change rooms, kiosk and storage,
  • a new cricket wicket/ field with 50m radius, and
  • improvements to trees and vegetation.

We also identified a number of future improvements to Shirley Strickland Reserve that are currently unfunded.

We want you to join the conversation on the sketch and the City's plans. You also have an opportunity to ask the City a question about the concept sketch. If you require more space, you can submit more than one response or send an email to

12 June, 2016

KeesM says:

“Not too sure if the new cricket pitch (50m radius) is such a good combination next to the nature playground. Accident waiting to happen. ”

12 June, 2016

Rachel_Hughesdaeth says:

“Nature playground should be extensive and varied like the Carawatha park in Willagee. New public toilet facilities with baby change facility”

12 June, 2016

Faulkner says:

“Is there a liability risk from passing drivers, pedestrians and residents from balls escaping new cricket pitch (no effective barrier)?”

12 June, 2016

Faulkner says:

“Support planting more native trees at SSR. Concerned about the pathway through the trees - will it kill or compromise existing trees?”

12 June, 2016

RaeFaulkner says:

“Shirley Strickland tree planting - please make it native. Very disappointed trees planted in carpark at leisure centre completely wrong”

12 June, 2016

Kelliesh says:

“I love the walking track, playground, fitness equipment and the option for a playgroup. The verge parking upgrade may not be essential yet.”

11 June, 2016

PhaseB says:

“Yay, NO BOWLING CLUB! Cricket is a summer sport so won't be a permanent inconvenience to those who don't like the new oval. All good ideas.”

11 June, 2016

paulw says:

“Walking track is excellent. All looks like a great improvement. Excellent to include facility for dogs to drink!”

11 June, 2016

Lachlan says:

“A great upgrade to the pavilion and surrounding grounds. The walking track looks great and will encourage more family outings to the park.”

10 June, 2016

Jason says:

“Lots of comments against cricket who used to train where the new oval would go and who are casual low impact users. Total support for plan.”

10 June, 2016

georgehawkins says:

“A turf wicket in Applecross, what a fantastic idea from the council! We need to get youngsters playing on better surfaces and facilities.”

10 June, 2016

Maryk says:

“Yes to improvements. No to Bowling club. No to change to cricket pitch. Allow freedom of dogs as it is at present.”

10 June, 2016

Drewroad says:

“The concept for Shirley Strickland upgrade looks great. A benefit to residents of all ages with junior cricket being catered for once again.”

10 June, 2016

kurt_blastoff says:

“The pavilion upgrade is a non-negotiable and well overdue. The addition of the smaller cricket oval will be brilliant for junior cricket.”

10 June, 2016

Lorraine says:

“I applaud the plan for Shirley Strickland Oval. The proposal put forward will add value to a very important part of our community. ”

10 June, 2016

SKT says:

“There is no need for smaller cricket pitch. Retain rectangular field so there is diversity of sport activities for the community.”

10 June, 2016

Hages says:

“The smaller cricket oval is a terrific initiative by the Council providing greater access to Melville youngsters to play a wonderful sport. ”

10 June, 2016

gus says:

“Additional cricket ground is a great idea and will allow junior and senior cricket to co-exist at the facility. Pavilion upgrade essential.”

10 June, 2016

Dougs says:

“Like the concept. Doug”

10 June, 2016

Dick says:

“This is a primary facility for cricket in the district so two pitches on ovals seems fine. A rectangular field is retained for other sports.”

10 June, 2016

Donelle says:

“Support new facility which caters for wider community. Yes to new cricket oval and new exercise focus. Great that no fence/bowls. ”

10 June, 2016

Jason says:

“What a great multi use concept. I support the new pitch which will facilitate more local junior cricketers without detracting from the space”

10 June, 2016

CarlD says:

“New facility improvements look great (nature play, bbq areas, new pavilion etc). But please, no new cricket pitch; not needed & unnecessary.”

10 June, 2016

CarlD says:

“I absolutely object to a new cricket pitch being placed over existing playing fields - particularly as wicket already exists on the oval.”

Concept Sketch Questions Answered


1. I noticed that bowling greens are not on the sketch. What happened with the investigations relocating the Mount Pleasant Bowling Club?

Officers have commenced the development of a “Lawn Bowls Strategy” which will guide the direction of bowls facility provision into the future. The Strategic Report will provide the City of Melville with a position on Bowls and provide clear direction for the level of support the City will provide into the future.

The investigations confirmed that two bowling greens could fit at Shirley Strickland Reserve without encroaching on the existing active sporting fields.

However, after considering the sport of bowls in its entirety (bowls strategy report), it has been identified that the Shirley Strickland Reserve site would not be able to accommodate a bowls facility of a suitable size to aid in long term sustainability (without impacting on existing uses) and is therefore not the most appropriate option. The bowls strategy report is expected to be presented to Council in June 2016 and more information about the sport of bowls will be available at the time.

2. What about the unfunded improvements in the concept sketch?

There are a number of options to obtain the necessary funding:

  • Budget Submissions – as part of the City’s annual capital works program.
  • Grant funds - for example funding from the Department of Sport and Recreation to install floodlights.
  • City of Melville’s Land Asset Strategy – generating income for sport and recreation purposes from land assets.
  • Contributions from Sporting Clubs.

3. Will any trees be removed?

As the sketch includes a new 50m boundary cricket field in the North East section of the Reserve, it is estimated that one pine tree would need to be removed.

The removal of the tree would increase the active reserve space and capacity to meet demand at the same time.

To improve shading and provide an inviting place where the community can use a new fitness trail for walking, dog walking, running or bike riding, many more trees will be planted around the Reserve.

4. How many verge car parking bays are being proposed?

There are three main sections where the verge parking is planned:

  • Mitchell St line marking in existing parking area: ~65 bays.
  • Coogee Rd: ~80 bays.
  • Sweetman St: ~50 bays.

The verge parking works are currently budgeted in the 15/16 financial year ($400,000) and will be the first works to take place from the Concept Plan – likely to be completed during the 16/17 financial year.

5. What's going to happen to the buildings?

There are two options:

  • Refurbish existing club room (pavilion); demolish and replace toilets and change rooms, which would be adjacent to the existing building.
  • Remove the two buildings completely and construct a new facility.

Cost estimates will be developed and assessed based on the most value for money, taking into account life-cycle costs, maintenance, functionality, access and certain standards we are required to meet.

6. Have the needs of dog walkers been considered?

Yes, they have. In developing the sketch, consideration was given to retaining current use for dog walkers and walkers in general.

The sketch shows improvements such as:

  • an extra drinking fountain for people and dogs,
  • a dedicated fitness/walking trail and
  • additional rest spots.

This will enhance the appeal of the Reserve as a popular location to walk/exercise dogs and participate in many forms of casual recreation.

7. What about a children’s playground?

The concept plan includes the potential for a new adventure/nature playground, on the slopes on the Reserve underneath the shade of existing trees.

Nature Play WA have recommended a fenced section for younger children.

A new playground would accommodate children of all ages, inspiring creativity in a safe environment.

8. Where to from here?

After the comment period 12 June, the following will take place:

  • Review and consideration of community comments on the concept sketch (~June/July).
  • Refinement and finalisation the concept sketch (~July/August).
  • Development of project cost estimates (~August).
  • Finalisation of the Concept Plan with a final report by Leisure Consultant (~August).
  • Presentation of final Concept Plan with a business case for Stage 1 works to Council (~September).