Here ye, here ye…Project Robin Hood returns!

This unique opportunity for communities to access up to $20,000 per project is back for round 4. Project Robin Hood can help to –

  • Build relationships by breaking down barriers and working together
  • Create safe and vibrant communities
  • Create a sense of place…anywhere!

Step 1:Where should Project Robin Hood Happen?

On the map below just drop a pin on the place you think would be perfect for a Robin Hood project, tell us what you think it could be and you can even post an inspirational picture.
  1. Select a suburb from the drop-down 'Locations' box
  2. Zoom in to locate the space you want Project Robin Hood to happen
  3. Click "Add Marker" and leave a comment telling us what you'd like to see happen. You can upload an image too!
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Step 2: Register for the information session

Find out more about Project Robin Hood 4 and meet others in the community to get inspiration and obtain advice and feedback on their project ideas.

Step 3: Share your ideas for Project Robin Hood.

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