Here ye, here ye…Project Robin Hood returns!

This unique opportunity for communities to access up to $20,000 per project is back for round 4. Project Robin Hood can help to –

  • Build relationships by breaking down barriers and working together
  • Create safe and vibrant communities
  • Create a sense of place…anywhere!

Application Form

Applications are now closed

Congratulations on taking that first step to getting your great community idea off the ground!

This form is designed to capture all the important information about your idea to help the community decide to fund it.

This is an important part of the process so ensure you answer the questions and really capture the spirit of your project and the value it will bring to the community.The more information, background and rationale you can give for your idea, the better your chance will be that the community will want to fund it.

To help you, we’ve included example answers for each question based on a made-up community garden project.

Some things to remember:

  • Your project must be accessible and open to everyone in the community;
  • You can only submit one project for funding
  • Your project description needs to show how it will benefit the community

If you have any questions about any part of the form, or Project Robin Hood in general, email or phone 1300 635 845.

Application Form

Contact Details

This information will be made available to the public during the voting period.

Please supply information for two representatives for your project. This information will not be made available to the public, and is only collected so we can contact you about your project.

Project idea

In this box, give a background to your project, the rationale for doing it, and what you think the benefits will be to the community. The answer to this question will be copied word for word on put up for community voting, so giving enough information helps sell the idea to the community and gives them the necessary facts to make an informed decision.

An example for our Brentwood community garden project could be:

We would like to create a community garden at Ric Vosper Reserve in Brentwood. Community gardens are where a group of people share a single piece of land to grow fruit, vegetables and or plants. Their popularity has sky rocketed in recent years as they help bring people together, foster good health, help create green urban environments, support educational opportunities and create vibrant, connected communities. This is exactly what we see this project doing for our Brentwood community, and we are sure it will help bring the community together through creating a beautiful and functional space to grow food and for friends,families and neighbours to meet. Vote for us and help us turn this idea into reality!

Other tips:

  • Imagine yourself as the reader – what would you want to hear?
  • Make it easy to read – write in a conversational tone, keep it brief and to the point, use short sentences if possible;
  • Capture the readers attention and create interest – make it meaningful to them;
  • Make the reader want your idea – what’s in it for them or their community that will make them want to vote for your project?
  • Call to action – encourage them to vote for your project because…

This is what your project will be called during the voting stage, so make sure it communicates clearly what your idea is. For example, Brentwood Community Garden

You have 75 characters left.
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This is where you outline how much you think you will need for your project, with a limit of $20,000. This is a very important part of your submission, so ensure you factor in everything you may need to make your project a success, including any ongoing maintenance costs as this will be your responsibility. It is better to overestimate then to underestimate, as any money not spent will be returned to the City at the conclusion of the project for no penalty.

Please note you will be required to provide a true and thorough account of funds, as well as all receipts, at the conclusion of the project. So make sure you keep them and your quotes in a safe location for this purpose.

Download an example of the project budget for our Brentwood community garden project to help create your budget.

e.g. $7650 or $1,200 for seating, $1,500 plants etc or upload your full budget in the file upload below

Upload your itemised budget, see budget example available for download above.


You are nearly done with your submission! To finish it off, please read the terms and conditions below and tick the I Agree box as confirmation of your understanding of your obligations in relation to Project Robin Hood 4.

I/We understand that if our project is successfully funded via the community vote, that I/we will enter into an agreement with the City of Melville to start our project within 12 months of receiving the funds and complete the project within 24 months of start date.

I/We agree that our project meets the requirements of Project Robin Hood, being that my/our project will be accessible to everyone and always consider the safety of the community.

I/we understand that if my/our project is successful, that a true and thorough account of funds spent will be maintained and at the conclusion of the project, the City of Melville will be provided with an account of our expenses, and that any unallocated funds will be returned.

I/We understand that Project Robin Hood and City of Melville logos (supplied) will be displayed on any promotional material, and any dealings with the local papers, media or other forms of publicity will acknowledge the project and the organisation.

I/we understand that the City of Melville maintains the right to cancel and retrieve funds from any project deemed to be unsafe, illegal or acting outside the spirit of Project Robin Hood.

I/We understand that we cannot deviate from the original project as voted by the community and will contact the City of Melville with any proposed changes.

I/We promise to enjoy ourselves, do good work and know that we have the support of our ‘Ombeardsman’ (internal City of Melville staff person) and the City has the utmost faith in us.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

We will be in contact if we have any questions but in the meantime you can start spreading the word about your project so everyone knows about it come voting time.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email or give us a call on 1300 635 845.


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