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The Melville District Centre is the area around the Melville Plaza Shopping Centre and the corner of Stock Road and Canning Highway. It includes parts of Attadale, Melville, Palmyra and Bicton.

As part of our Local Planning Strategy, we have identified activity centres like the Melville District Centre as the most appropriate places for catering to future population growth. This includes the requirement of 18,500 new dwellings in the City of Melville by 2050 as set out by the State Government.

We see these activity centres as vibrant places to live, supported by key public transport routes and offering close access to shops, services and amenities.

We have prepared a draft Activity Centre Plan for the Melville District Centre, which will be the main town planning document for this centre.

The final document will provide a clear and transparent planning framework to guide future redevelopment, including what landowners can and can’t do when developing their property.

The plan will be based on town planning requirements from the Western Australian Planning Commission and feedback from stakeholders and the community.

There are two important documents, both of which are available for you to download in the Document Library, or by clicking the link below:

The Western Australian Planning Commission is the final decision maker on both documents (not Council – although we can help shape the plans).

Get involved

Comments on the draft Activity Centre Plan are due by 5.00pm, Wednesday 31 August 2016.

Comments on the draft scheme amendment no. 3 are due by 5.00pm, Tuesday 20 September 2016.

We’d like to hear what you think and how the draft plan could be improved.

    There are four ways you can get involved.

    You can either:

    • leave a comment or ask a question in the discussion forum below.
    • leave a comment on the interactive Activity Centre map by zooming in and leaving a comment.
    • send Dean an email: melvilledc@melville.wa.gov.au or
    • write a letter which you can post to City of Melville, Locked Bag 1 Booragoon WA 6954.

    You may wish to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions first.

    The FAQs address the following questions:

    • Why are we planning for the Melville District Centre? Why not somewhere else?
    • Why can’t you solve traffic congestion first before doing the new plan?
    • How quickly would the centre change?
    • Won’t a busy activity centre create more traffic issues?
    • Doesn’t ‘high density’ housing create social problems?
    • Why should there be new developments before the parking problems are solved?

    Leave a comment on the map

    You can zoom in on the map by clicking the '+' sign in the top left corner.

    You can leave a comment by dropping the pin on the map.

    All comments are publicly visible.

    Here are some aspects of the Plan that you may wish to think about when leaving a comment:

    - The proposed building height restrictions. For the specifics, please refer to the Plan.

    - Your thoughts about improving the public spaces such as footpaths around safety, usability and accessibility. We want to make the public spaces lively, friendly and accessible.

    - The location of the boundary defining the Melville District Plan.

    - Any zoning changes as defined by the proposed Local Planning Scheme amendment.

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    Submissions for the Activity Centre Plan are now closed. You can still leave comments about the draft scheme amendment no. 3 until 20 September. Your questions will be answered by Senior Strategic Urban/Property Planner Dean Cracknell.

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