Local Government Elections, 21 October 2017

Local government ordinary elections are held on the third Saturday in October every two years. The next local government ordinary elections will be held on 21 October 2017.

Councillors are elected for terms of four years in Western Australia. Elections are held every two years for half of the council, and candidates are elected using the first-past-the-post voting system.

2017 Election Results

Results of the 2017 Local Government Ordinary Elections can be viewed here or at the WAEC website.

Three new councillors were elected and four re-elected. Meet the City's new-look council here: http://www.melvillecity.com.au/news-and-events/new...

With traditionally low turnout rates for local government elections (a State average of approximately 27 percent) 2017 has seen a welcome higher than average 37.07% turnout in the City of Melville compared to a turnout of 29.95% in 2015 and 28.8% in 2013.

A Special Meeting of the Council will be held on Monday, 23 October 2017, to swear in the new councillors, including the selection of a new Deputy Mayor for a one year term.

The purpose of the Special Meeting is to:

  • Conduct a Declaration of Office Ceremony for newly elected Councillors
  • Elect the Deputy Mayor
  • Elect Councillors to the Financial Management, Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee and the Governance Committee
  • Elect representatives to Advisory, Local Government and Community Committees

  • Q&A Wrap Up

    This is the first time MelvilleTalks has been used as a space for a Candidates Q&A during local elections.

    Over 3,700 people visited the page and 3,328 of them were new visitors.

    21 questions were posed to the nominated candidates with a total of 149 responses received.

    What we learned through hosting the Candidates Q&A:

    • We need to fix the glitch where people who were not candidates could register as members on MelvilleTalks – often with a fake email address - and make extraneous comments.
    • We need more community education about what candidates who become Councillors can and can’t do if they get elected.

    A lot people asked about candidates’ voting intentions. This is a big no-no. Councillors cannot vote outside the process of a Council Meeting and they cannot vote on behalf of groups or individuals. Their vote must be for the benefit of the whole community, not just their own ward. Stating a voting intention outside of Council process – even as a candidate - represents bias. To avoid potential for bias, we rephrased questions on voting intentions to be about candidates opinions.

    Ask your Candidates

    At our recent Candidates Workshop, Linton Reynolds, former Mayor for the City of Armadale and former Commissioner for the City of Canning, spoke about what it means to become a Councillor.

    “When Council elected members and staff share a common view of the future for a district and the way in which to achieve those goals, great things will follow.”

    “The basis for achievements is teamwork, teamwork and more teamwork.”

    “DO NOT be a single issue Councillor. All decisions made by the elected members are majority decisions…when the time comes to deal with your issue or anything associated with it, you are going to need the support of a majority of all the other voting members of Council. … their support or otherwise will be coloured by your performance on issues important to them.”

    You can get to know your candidates by asking them a question here. Your questions will be put to all the candidates at the same time.

    Find out how they respond to the big issues so that you can make an informed vote, regardless of where you live.

    Ask Your Candidates

    Submit your questions here and it will be posted to the forum for all the candidates to respond. You will remain anonymous.

    You have 255 characters left.

    The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

    Candidates who have signed to adhere by the Candidates Commitment for Online Engagement will have the opportunity to respond.

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    Please note that all posts are being moderated on two levels.

    Level one involves the City of Melville Stakeholder Engagement team reviewing questions put by the public. Where any reference is made to how a candidate may vote in future on an issue, such reference is rephrased to seeking an opinion.

    The reason for doing so is to eliminate the potential for bias. A vote can only be made when, as part of the governance process, Councillors are fully informed of all of the necessary facts and have debated the issue. Their vote is the outcome of a deliberative process and neither predetermined nor biased.

    The Stakeholder Engagement team do not remove candidate commentary.

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    As a candidate standing for election in the City of Melville, I undertake to:

    • Act with honour and integrity during my candidacy, meriting the trust, respect and confidence of the community I seek to serve and current Elected Members.
    • Encourage ongoing and positive communications between citizens, the Council and officers of the City of Melville whilst refraining from using the media to undermine public confidence in Council and professional staff of the City of Melville.
    • Educate myself fully about the roles and responsibilities of an Elected Member.


    This Q&A facility is provided for nominated candidates to state their position about questions asked by the public. Candidates who have signed to adhere by the Candidates Commitment for Online Engagement will have the opportunity to respond.

    What are the candidates opinions of the moderation of comments?

    What is your view on on-street car parking for new residential developments?

    Do you sleep in the ward you have nominated to represent?

    What is your opinion on the John Connell Reserve development proposal?

    What measures will you take to prevent climate change?

    What is your position on whether Australia Day should be moved or not?

    I would like to know each candidate's position on same sex marriage.

    I would like to know each candidate's position on the proposed Wave park in Alfred Cove.

    Know your Candidates

    Candidates who have nominated to stand for Council are invited to post their details on MelvilleTalks, provided they sign and adhere to the Candidates Commitment for online engagement:

    Candidate's Commitment

    As a candidate standing for election in the City of Melville, I undertake to:

    • Act with honour and integrity during my candidacy, meriting the trust, respect and confidence of the community I seek to serve and current Elected Members.
    • Encourage ongoing and positive communications between citizens, the Council and officers of the City of Melville.
    • Educate myself fully about the roles and responsibilities of an Elected Member.

    The City recently undertook a review of it Ward Boundaries and Elected Member Representation, with the Council resolving in February 2017 to retain a six ward structure, with modified boundaries along with two Councillors representing each ward and a popularly elected Mayor.

    The changes were supported by the Local Government Advisory Board, the Minister for Local Government and the Governor and gazetted on 30 June 2017.

    Please note this map is indicative only.

    To confirm your Ward, check your enrolment online at www.elections.wa.gov.au/onlineEnrolmentSystem

    For more information, visit the Review of Ward Boundaries and Councillor Representation.

    Souzi Clifford

    Souzi Clifford JP - Local Voice For Local Issues

    I am an ACTIVE Community service volunteer, Local Business owner, Rotarian, and Justice of Peace.

    I understand the direct effect Council decision have on our lives.

    IF ELECTED, I am committed to: Oppose proposals for unwanted developments, Maintain property values, Protect the river foreshore, Champion road infrastructure (Canning Hwy upgrade), Promote local business and networking.

    PRESENTLY WOMEN are underrepresented in Local Government. Use your vote to see more balanced representation in this local election. I have a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm to get things done, and will work hard to get your voice heard. If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch.

    Email: souzit@hotmail.com

    Cameron Schuster

    Having proudly represented this Ward for four years I seek your support to continue fighting for effective progress and accountability on Council. If re-elected I will work to ensure community benefit from projects I have supported like the Garden City redevelopment and proposed library and cultural centre, and the (funded) redevelopments of facilities at Shirley Strickland Reserve: I will continue to stand up for our neighbourhoods by seeking to alleviate traffic congestion on Leach and Canning Highways, and work hard to implement changes in the Canning Bridge plan to better support resident’s amenity; I will ensure that applications for large developments continue to be advertised so you can have your say. Councillors can only achieve their objectives by working collaboratively with other Councillors, staff and the community – I have demonstrated success in winning support for my proposals and I seek your support to continue working on your behalf.

    Home: 9316 8737

    Mobile: 0417 951 540

    Email: Schuster@bigpond.net.au

    Felix Rosario

    Firstly I would like to thank the current council members for all their hard work. I am running in this election as I wish to help City of Melville progress and plan for the future. Last year I assisted the council in developing the aspirations for their ‘Strategic Community Plan’ which looks at where we wanted Melville to be in 2026 and beyond. I nominated myself to put that plan into action and increase communication between the council and the community. Highlights of the plan include well maintained open spaces, increased cycling infrastructure, development of small business, community events, promoting healthy lifestyle and community safety. I have previously worked in Natural Area Management, I will soon graduate with a degree in Sustainable Development from Murdoch University, I’m passionate about conserving local natural areas, I contribute to community gardening and plan on making Melville a more environmentally friendly and sustainable city.

    Mobile: 0402 377 974

    Postal Address: 6 Matheson Rd Applecross 6153

    Email: votefelixrosario@gmail.com

    Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/votefelixrosario

    Steve Kepert

    I was born and raised in the City of Melville giving me strong connections with our communities, public spaces and facilities.

    I am determined to bring integrity, independence and responsibility to the council so that sensible decisions can be made.

    I am committed to representing ratepayers, protecting public spaces, optimising sporting facilities and taking a responsible, long term approach to planning issues.

    My background in business consulting follows experience across the private and public sectors. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce and MBA from Curtin University specialising in leadership and organisational development.

    In recent years I became thoroughly engaged in the community concerning local planning issues. In the 2017 State election I ran as an independent candidate for the new seat of Bicton which impacted other parties’ policies.

    I am a former player, reserves captain and committee member of Brentwood Booragoon FC and a current member of Booragoon Rotary Club.

    Mobile: 0423 155 774

    Email: steveformelvillecouncil@gmail.com

    Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/steveforapplecrossmtpleasant

    June Barton

    I value and protect the unique features of the riverside suburbs of this Ward where my family grew up.

    With wide local government experience as Elected Member and twice as Mayor, after Community consultation I will work towards Council decisions that optimise your quality of life and lifestyle, emphasising recreational facilities from youth to seniors, opposing loss of neighbourhood hubs like Bowling Clubs and Senior Citizens’ Centres, and maintaining Melville’s heritage.

    Council decisions depend on policies, influencing interactions with the Community. On Council I will use my extensive experience and knowledge of diverse issues and situations in formulating policies and making decisions that meet your expectations, striving to make Melville a City that truly serves us in this Ward, with Council and Community showing mutual respect.

    I offer experience, strong leadership and integrity. Many of you know from personal knowledge that I listen, assist and speak up for you.

    Home: 9339 2973

    Mobile: 0400 936 111

    Email: mjunebarton@gmail.com

    Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/MJuneBarton

    John Watters

    I’m standing to provide and engaging, energetic and enthusiastic approach which firmly considers the needs of all residents.

    Professionally, as a local high school administrator, I have forged a reputation as a strong leader who willingly consults with the local community. I am accountable and support transparent, evidence based decision making which considers the needs of all stakeholders.

    I stand on my reputation for hard work, honesty and integrity that is known to many through my involvement in local schools with my two children, as well as clubs associated with netball, football and as Chairperson of the Melville Little Athletics as well as a former State and National sporting champion.

    My inspiration comes from my love of this City and my desire to share this passion with you. I will strive to bring a new direction to this new ward for the benefit of every resident I hope to serve.

    Mobile: 0447 633 353

    Postal Address: PO Box 1064, BOORAGOON WA 6954

    Email: johnwatters@westnet.com.au

    Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/johnwattersforbicton-attadale-alfredcove

    Adam Hewber

    I have a broad range of experiences having gained a tertiary qualification and helped run a family business. Since arriving in Melville in 2000 I have been heavily involved in the local community as a volunteer member of the Disability Advisory Committee, Melville Talks, Melville Cares, Bicton Men’s Shed, and as a Rocky Bay Ambassador and a member of the Management Committee of People with Disability WA. I now seek your support to be your independent, self-funded voice on Council. I will embrace the challenge to reduce rates, road-congestion and crime on our streets whilst focusing my energies to improve the natural environment and provide better services and facilities for people of all ages. New development should not mean a loss of residential amenity. By consulting, listening and caring I will work with you to ensure you enjoy the lifestyle and well-being you deserve.

    Mobile: 0433 921 376

    Postal Address: 83A Zenobia St Palmyra 6157

    Email: ahewber@gmail.com

    Alan Fairhead

    I am an enthusiastic and passionate, dedicated family man residing in Palmyra. I am standing for Council as I believe in purposefully supporting and helping communities. I am an active participant across various community fundraising events, and have always maintained a community orientated focus nurtured throughout 25 years’ service in the public sector, including vast, strategic expertise within a policing and community safety environment.

    I am an exceptionally well organised and outcomes focused individual. I am a strong advocate for not simply applying band aid solutions to complex long term problems. I will be extremely vocal on areas that enrich community health and wellbeing. I believe in creating opportunities that build community resilience, solidarity, and relationships across all demographics, from young families to our respected senior citizens. As your local councillor, I will bring compassion, energy, commitment, and loyalty to the role. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

    Mobile: 0421 337 266

    Postal Address: 21 Aurelian Street Palmyra 6157

    Email: alan.fairhead@internode.on.net

    Social Networks Address: www.facebook.com/alan.fairheadforPalmyraMelvilleWillagee/

    Karen Wheatland

    I live in Willagee with my partner Greg and two teenage daughters, and work at Fremantle port on a tugboat. A Willagee local for 19 years, I’ve been active at Caralee Community School and the Willagee Community Centre. I currently serve on the executive at Fremantle Netball Association and coach juniors for Palmyra Rebels Netball Club.

    I’m passionate about making our suburbs healthy, vibrant and well-connected places to live, work, raise a family and retire. If elected, I will fight for greater transparency and accountability, bringing council to the community, and engaging residents more in councils decisions and debates

    For too long, council has been distracted by petty squabbles. I want to work constructively and cooperatively with other councillors to plan for our city’s future, deliver value for ratepayers’ money and provide quality services and facilities for our community.

    Mobile: 0401 335 642

    Email: karenwheatland@iinet.net.au

    Social Network Address: http://www.facebook.com/Kazwheatlandforcityofmelvillecouncilelections2017

    Patricia Phelan

    In nominating again, I offer my time, experience, knowledge and commitment to represent the needs of our Ward. My training during my terms on Council includes Town Planning, Community Development, Corporate Strategy, Elder Care and Cultural Diversity. I fought for and achieved design guidelines and height limitations to restrict negative impacts of increased density in residential streets. Now I am keen to continue safeguarding our neighbourhood amenity and community wellbeing with a balanced approach to planning development. I fully support the Urban Forest Strategy to increase leisure and green spaces to compensate for vegetation loss from redevelopment. In addition to on-going upgrades and improvements to existing facilities, sporting amenities and our aging and much loved parks, my focus will remain on delivering connectedness in the community by promoting video streaming of council meetings, public safety, increased CCTV surveillance, effective traffic management and improvements to youth and seniors’ interest and services.

    Home: 6468 0497

    Mobile: 0419 924 850

    Email: patriciaphelan@iinet.net.au

    Peter Best

    Trust between Council and community, is the key value I will work to rebuild. I will listen respectfully to all sides. I am not part of any faction. I promise to work together with all Councillors and residents. I will hold public meetings every month. As a past WA Standards panel member I have strong focus on good governance. I will stand up for honest process. I will work to make all council data public. This includes finance, traffic, environment and planning. My councillor expenses and gifts register will be public. My qualifications are in science, finance and business management. I have experience in corporate, NGO and local government roles. I seek clarity in the complexity of todays changing world. I will continue volunteering in Neighbourhood Watch, as a JP, in the community and in sporting clubs. You can call me anytime. I promise to listen to you.

    Work: 08 9337 4022

    Mobile: 0418 942 476

    Email: peter.best@data365.com.au

    Social Network Address: http://www.facebook.com/Peter.Best.Melville/

    Phillip Scott

    As a long term resident I am keen to see Council continue its focus on the three "R"s Rates, Rubbish and Roads. Community discussions are side-tracked by political groups. We need united communities working collaboratively for best outcomes; quality decisions based on facts, and good communication to all residents.

    I am not aligned to any grouping and will be an independent voice in preserving fiscal responsibility and the unique character of the City.

    Road safety is a primary concern especially along and around Leach Highway. Green spaces need to be protected without compromising future initiative. Services for seniors and the vulnerable are paramount.

    Vote for good Governance. Information not Propaganda. People before Politics.

    I will be a strong listening voice and advocate for all.

    Mobile: 0404 642 524

    Email: pscott4melvillecouncil@gmail.com

    Social Network Address: https://www.facebook.com/philip.scott

    Callum Prior

    Callum Prior has over 10 years experience working with local councils to help make their communities better places to live, work, and play. He spent 6 years as a Community Development Officer for the City of Melville where he developed Project Robin Hood, which lets residents propose and vote for community projects the Council should fund. He has since worked as a Place Facilitator at the City of Adelaide, and Place Development Facilitator for City of Wanneroo.

    The common theme in Callum’s work is empowering communities and developing strong partnerships through local government. He knows firsthand the importance of involving local communities in decision making, and wants the City of Melville’s council to listen to its residents and businesses every step of the way.

    Callum lives in Booragoon with his partner Adelaide and their son Hero, where they enjoy gardening and family board game nights.

    Mobile: 0412 332 665

    Email: callum@firstagainstthewall.net

    Social Network Address: www.linkedin.com/in/callum-prior

    Katy Mair

    It’s time for change.

    Central Ward needs an independent, open and accountable representative who can bring a different perspective to Council.

    I have experience in local government, business, education, seniors issues and health and fitness.

    I have the skills necessary to deal with the complex issues such as density and high-rise, traffic congestion, mental health and wellbeing.

    Safety and security, reduced crime and theft are priorities. We need to continuously provide facilities and services to people with disabilities.

    We also need to nurture and promote our sports clubs and community organisations.

    As a former Councillor for this Ward, I can contribute immediately. No legal background is required for this position but a passion for helping residents resolve their issues it! I have a reputation for doing just that.

    We need broader more tolerant debate around the Council table.

    Vote for me for a better outcome.

    Mobile: 0419 916 053

    Postal Address: 3A Hellam Grove, BOORAGOON WA 6154

    Email: katymair55@gmail.com

    Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/Katy-Mair-for-Central-Ward

    Rebecca Aubrey

    Rebecca is a Contract Negotiation Specialist with one of WA’s most respected organisations. Her knowledge and qualifications in law, accounting and governance have seen Rebecca appointed to State boards, giving a stronger voice to Melville residents.

    Rebecca’s leadership and contemporary thinking have been instrumental in securing projects that shift the cost of running the City from residential rates to alternative sources of revenue. These projects include the Garden City redevelopment and partnering with Murdoch University to provide world class sports facilities for the Melville community.

    If re-elected, Rebecca will continue to champion transparency and accountability, whilst minimising rate increases. She is committed to developing a sustainable Urban Forest Strategy. She will dedicate herself to maintaining Melville’s status as the highest awarded Council with the state’s best financial health indicators. She will work collaboratively with all levels of government to reduce the negative impact of increasing traffic flows across our City.

    Mobile: 0400 768 326

    Postal Address: 20B Stanbury Way Booragoon 6154

    Email: raubrey_87@hotmail.com

    Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/RebeccaAubreyforCOMCouncil/

    Matt Bruyninckx

    My name is Matt Bruyninckx, I’m an IT Professional raising my family in beautiful Melville. I believe in this community, in every single individual as well as the sporting, service and volunteer organisations that make Melville a truly great place to live.

    As an enthusiastic volunteer myself I know the difference one person can make and I intend to bring my passion for community service to the City of Melville Council.

    I believe all voices in our community deserve to be heard, and this is something that can only be achieved through ensuring greater transparency and authenticity on the council.

    As your representative on the Melville Council, you can rely on me to advocate for intelligent and environmentally sound design and planning, fiscally responsible management, community minded governance and open and transparent decision making to ensure our thriving community will remain strong, now and into the future.

    Email: contact@mattbruyninckx.com

    Social Network address: http://www.facebook.com/MattformelvilleCouncil

    Nicole Foxton

    I have always lived in the City of Melville, attending Kardinya Primary School, Sommerville Baptist College and Murdoch University. I am a secondary school teacher in Murdoch.

    I am passionate about ensuring that residents enjoy where they live, work and play. Three of my key values follow.


    Rates should be kept at acceptable levels by monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided.


    Our low density residential areas can be preserved by increasing density along major transport corridors and in high activity areas.


    I vow to always make decisions that are in the best interests of those I represent, whilst also considering residents of the future.

    I look forward to working with individuals, sporting clubs and other community groups to address local concerns and make our suburbs a better place to live.

    Mobile: 0430 365 848


    Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/NKFoxton

    Tony Stokes

    Our communities have voted No to Roe 8 and as a consequence the desire for family friendly neighbourhoods has intensified.

    Preserving bushland and the variety of flora and fauna that is sustained will be a priority for me as your councillor.

    After nursing for ten years, I have established two successful small businesses -the first in garden landscaping and the present in deliveries.

    Developing light rail along South Street will help alleviate traffic pressures on the expanding Murdoch Precinct. Our continued use of Parry Avenue, Somerville Boulevard and Farrington Road means that these traffic arteries must be well maintained.

    Extended apartment construction leads to a need for community gardens. These meeting places, where we and our children grow fresh food are akin to learning and exchanging ideas in a multi purpose library.

    When people of varying backgrounds and age groups congregate, a happier and more accepting environment develops.

    Community Matters.

    Mobile: 0413 728 084

    Email: tonystokes@live.com.au

    Clive Robartson

    Clive Robartson AM has given many decades of dedicated service to Local Government in the City of Melville and to the Bull Creek Leeming community. His previous roles as President of the WA Local Government Association and Deputy Mayor have provided experience and skills highly suited to the role of Councillor with the City.

    Clive strongly supports the construction of the Murdoch Drive Connection that will reduce traffic on South Street and Farrington Road and provide safe access to the Murdoch Health and Knowledge Precinct. The road design and traffic controls on Farrington Road through residential Leeming will not change.

    He supports the construction (in a suitable location) of a Premier Playground proposed for the southeast quadrant of the City. Clive supports Age-Friendly Communities, after school programs, the Urban Forrest Strategy, the FOGO waste system and will maintain the City’s strong financial position (leading WA) and rates at CPI levels.

    Mobile: 0419 048 556

    Postal Address: Unit 157 Sunderland House R.A.A.F Association Estate, 2 Bull Creek Drive, Bull Creek 6149

    Email: crobarts@bigpond.net.au

    Marie Curtis

    Being fortunate to have grown up in Bull Creek, I want to ensure that current and future generations of Bull Creek and Leeming children have the same opportunities. It is only by protecting our local environment and making the right decisions about development and community facilities that we can sustain our quality of life.

    Having worked underground in Kalgoorlie as a young adult, I have learned the value of hard work, accountability and delivering results, experience that will be valuable in working for you on Council.

    Strength must be balanced by compassion and sensitivity, as I have learned while mentoring those in the community with disabilities and additional needs.

    I believe in honest local government, complete transparency being essential to build trust and mutual respect. I will be directly accountable to the people as a councillor, as a member of the community and as a proud West Australian.

    Mobile: 0403 046 982

    Email: mariecurtis@bullcreekwa.com

    Social Network Address: www.bullcreekwa.com