Welcome to the Neighbourhood

6 April 2018

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

The City of Melville is proud to release the third edition of the Neighbourhood Plans having engaged with the people who live, work and play in our neighbourhoods to identify our community strengths and interests. These Plans will guide the way the CIty works with the community, in our neighbourhoods, in the coming years.

We identify with our own neighbourhoods and localities, the places where they live, receive services, and make social connections. Neighbourhood planning aims to develop partnerships between communities and government, built on co-operation and recognition of the creative ideas and skills that neighbourhoods have to offer.

Aim of Neighbourhood Plans

  • Place Making - Neighbourhood hubs are enhanced by place making activities for all ages.
  • Connected, Inclusive Communities - People feel a part of their community and have opportunities to participate in community life.
  • Events and Activities - People can access diverse local events and activities in their neighbourhoods.
  • Sustainable Communities - Community capacity building initiatives for cultivating resilient communities

View the Neighbourhood Plans 2017-2021

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