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At City of Melville we recognise the value of a culturally diverse and inclusive community. We are seeking input from people who speak a language other than English at home, or have recently arrived in Australia.

Tell us what is happening in your neighbourhoods, and how we could improve to continue to make Melville a welcoming inclusive city with services, programs and activities that accurately reflect and celebrates its diverse community.

What are Neighbourhood Plans?

Neighbourhood Plans identify opportunities to:

  • build on assets and strengths within neighbourhoods
  • address issues and opportunities at a suburb level
  • partner with local people and organisations to build vibrant and connected communities

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Click on the pink box below the map and drop the marker into the exact spot you want on the map. Then you can add a comment. If you want to put more than one marker on the map, just wait for the box to reset.

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Neighbourhood Plans - Contacts - CALD

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