Air BnB for the Over 50's

1 June 2018


Think of The Freebird Club as the Air BnB for people over 50, where the aim is to curb social isolation and add joy to travelling.

The Freebird Club lets people 50 and older host in their homes to other people who are 50+ and traveling. The one requirement for hosts of the peer-to-peer social travel and homestay club: they can’t just hand over the keys. They need to be home some of the time their guests are visiting so they can mingle and have fun together.

The Freebird process: you click on the JOIN CLUB button, provide a few basic personal details, complete a simple profile description and pay the one-time membership fee. Once you’re a member, you can list your available accommodation by clicking on the “Become a Host” button. If you prefer to travel as a Freebird guest, you can search on the site for places you’d like to visit and look for Freebird hosts there.

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Article source: Next Avenue

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