New Members Needed for the City's Access Advisory Panel

9 May 2018

Access Advisory Panel

We are currently seeking new members to join the City of Melville Access Advisory Panel.

The Access Advisory Panel gives community members with a disability and older residents the chance to provide feedback on changes to the local built environment, both to public open space and privately owned land.

The Panel meet every three months, and feedback is provided to City staff and property developers to encourage improved access for people with a disability.

Feedback is sought on a range of developments and upgrades to the built environment, including playgrounds, education facilities, parks, recreation centres, community events, shopping centres and public toilets.

Local community members with a disability and older residents are encouraged to contact the City and find out more.

Contact Us

To find out more about joining the Access Advisory Panel, please contact:

Will Schaefer, Strategic Urban Planner
9364 0642

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