The City constantly works to improve access and inclusion for people with disabilities through implementing actions in its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

It is also a legislative requirement under the WA Disability Services Act (1993) that each Local Government has a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (formerly known as a Disability Services Plan).

The City has recently adopted its 2017 – 2022 Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

About the Plan

Disability Access and Inclusion Plans provide a means of ensuring that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as other people to access services, community events, buildings and facilities, information, consultative and complaint resolution processes.

We have listed a range of actions that will enhance the lives of people with different abilities and will assist in providing -

  • Better access for people of all abilities to our services and events
  • Better access to our buildings and facilities
  • Access to information including providing a range of accessible formats for all
  • Even better customer service and complaints and feedback mechanisms
  • Community engagement that includes everyone
  • Access to employment and traineeships including volunteering for people of all abilities and disabilities

The City of Melville's current Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) was adopted this year and builds upon the work already achieved in improving physical access, raising awareness through training and events, developing specific programs for people with disabilities, encouraging inclusive programs, and increased communications with people with disabilities within the City.

The DAIP officially launches during Disability Awareness Week (DAW) 3 to 9 December 2017, but we've already hit the ground running and have started work on projects identified in the DAIP.

DAIP Summary Booklet

In addition to the DAIP the City of Melville has developed a DAIP Summary which provides a snapshot of the plan including why we have a DAIP, how the DAIP was developed and the strategies that the city will employ to improve access and inclusion.

The DAIP Summary Booklet is now available here, at the Civic Centre, the City's Libraries, on request and in alternative formats.

You can also download and read the full DAIP 2017-2022 here.

For more information please email or telephone our Customer Services Team on 1300 635 845.. Please let us know if you require any assistance or information in other formats.

If you would like to be involved in ongoing conversations and participate in discussions on access and inclusion, please join the Accessibility and Inclusion forum on Topic Talks.

Contractors and Agents

The DAIP is to be implemented by the City of Melville and also by its agents and contractors who provide services to the public on the City's behalf. Visit the Disability Services Commission's website to read more on the obligations of contractors and agents. For any queries or questions about contractor and agent obligations implementing the DAIP please contact our Social Justice Advocate on 1300 635 845 or email

Changing Places at Deep Water Point

Works are underway on the first upgrade project happening at the iconic Deep Water Point site, which kicked off with the refurbishment of the change rooms to include a ‘Changing Place’ facility.

The change room refurbishment will convert the current change rooms to accessible public toilets with the addition of a separate ‘Changing Place’ facility that will include a full sized change table and hoists. The upgrade is an exciting addition to the area as part of the nation-wide ‘Changing Places’ initiative, which was supported by a $100,000 grant to the City from the Disability Services Commission in August 2016.

We shall continue to provide you with updates through this page.

If you have any queries or feedback, please email or contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 635 845

Thank you.